Yonaka Kurai
Yonaka kurai
"I'm so fed up with that castle..."
Some attributes
Height 158 cm
Status Alive

 Yonaka Kurai is the main protagonist of Mogeko Castle.


Yonaka sprite (1)

Yonaka is a high school student. She wears a brown coat with a red bow on top, and a long sleeved white shirt underneath. She wears a red tartan skirt and gray stockings that cover her legs. Her shoes are dark gray.

Yonaka has long black hair which is braided into two, one on each side. Her right eye and much of her face are covered by her hair. Her eyes are black with white pupils (which is a typical part of the art style).


Yonaka is depicted as an ordinary girl. She cares deeply for her brother, and wanted nothing more than to see and be together with him again. She is very kind and accepting, as shown with Defect Mogeko. However, like most Mogeko characters, she also has a darker side. She seems serious enough, but with her brother...


Gameplay-wise, Yonaka acts much like a standard playable protagonist. However, she also obtains a knife sometime into the game, allowing her to defend herself, and making gameplay more easy than it was prior.

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  • Yonaka Kurai is the younger sister of Shinya Kurai.
  • She has a grip strength of 70.
  • It is stated in the Bonus part of the game that she styled her hair to be able to look like her brother.
  • In the Normal End of the game, Yonaka becomes the King of Mogeko Castle by killing King mogeko and scalping him and uses the Huffspray to make the Mogekos obey her. She then awakens to become the god of all the Mogekos, "Lord Prosciutto", and forgives the sins of all Mogekos.
  • She is helped by the Defect Mogeko during her escape from the castle.
  • Yonaka's age would be 16 or 17 if you go by the Japanese education system.
  • Yonaka in Japanese means "Middle of the Night".